Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are often portable heaters which utilize pressurized gas to create heat. They are often used to heat spaces in non-insulated structures. Because they are portable they are useful as they can moved as needed. Propane heaters are “stand alones,” meaning they do not require permanent connection and installation to a gas source. For example, if you need a portable heater able to be hidden when not being used, a propane heater could be an excellent choice.

A propane heater has no need electricity to ignite a flame, hence the name “stand alone.” Because they don’t use electricity for creating a flame, a match or striker is usually used to ignite the flame. A butane cigarette lighter is a poor choice because of the danger of explosions, especially because the heater is attached to a portable tank of propane gas.

An added benefit of propane heaters is that they can be used outside, away from sources of electrical power. For example, they can be used to heat outside areas wherever needed, like lawns and patios, especially when hosting special-type celebrations.

Propane heaters are versatile. For example, you can also buy a made propane garage heater or a specifically indoor propane heater. Also, propane is used for multiple purposes, like for camping lanterns and propane grills.

Type of Propane Heaters

Propane heaters come in a variety of packages. Some propane heater are large and some short. Propane heaters are even available that mounted to surfaces permanently. Some portable propane heaters are fitted with wheels to make transport easy. Other styles, like radiant propane heaters, AKA convection propane heaters are mounted in small boxes. These types are usually recommended for smaller spaces like in a workroom or a garage. Some taller propane heaters are mounted with a hood called a torchiere. This hood that helps to direct heat downwards where it is needed.