Propane Space Heaters

When winter comes we prepare our homes for those days when the snow will be laying on the ground and we will have to shovel our way to our cars. It is a time that many of us – especially our children – enjoy and treasure. After about a week of it we are ready for the freezing weather to be over and to enjoy the spring air and the warmth of the sun. Until then we have to rely on our heaters to keep us warm.

For many of us these heaters are not enough to keep us warm and we will become tired of always drinking hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. People who are seeking for extra warmth will have no trouble finding it in a propane space heater. These units are efficient at keeping a room warm – but not ideal for the whole home.

Each of these propane space heaters are portable and designed to be used for long term use. Most people will purchase them to keep workshops and construction sites warm while people work through the winter months. They run off a twenty pound liquid propane tank and have the ability to give off heat of a 360 degree radius. These propane space heaters cost between $30 – $200.

Installing Propane Space Heaters

  • When purchasing these space heaters make sure that you find one with all the necessary safety features. Choose the room that you would like it to be placed in. this could be the bedroom, office, or even the basement.
  • You will need to make space for the heater so that it does not come into contact with the wall, carpets, clothes, or anything else that might be flammable. It must be standing on its own with nothing helping to prop it up.
  • If you are placing it inside of a carpeted room make sure that you place bricks or wooden slabs beneath the heater. This will keep the carpet from catching on fire and the heater from falling over.
    Make sure that the outlet you are using is close to the heater so that no one is tripping over it. When setting the heater up make sure to follow the instructions it came with.